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Certhon has made a film impression of her latest growth chamber. The company invites interested persons to take a look. The movie was made because of the great interest that existed to look within the chamber, Certhon says.

"At the fairs where we stood with our growth chamber we noticed that there was a lot of interest to view our cell from the inside", explains expert Martin Veenstra. "Now we have various types of containers fully furnished to the wishes of our customers. No growth chamber is the same, we would like to show the versatility."

Certhon delivers turnkey climate cells; lighting, heating, cooling, humidification, irrigation and CO2 dosing are fully coordinated. All parameters are monitored and controlled with the Certhon Phytotron Control System, so the care for each crop is optimal. Certhon has three different audiences. Climate Cells for production, research and mobile solutions. Size and design of these applications are to make customized depending on the customer requirement.
Click here to check the movie.

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