First plants for TKB


By planting the first plants in the brand new greenhouse, the foremost part of the TKB turnkey project has been completed by Certhon.
This 1,3 acres big propagation area is fully equipped with grow light and propagation benches. Certhon is fully responsible for the design and execution of the greenhouse and the technical installations. The greenhouse complex is 14 acres big and is divided in five different parts. Besides the mentioned propagation part, there will be build two blocks of 6 ha each are fully equipped for growing cucumbers. The fourth block is 11,000m2 and will be used for lettuce cultivation. This greenhouse will be equipped with a fully automated lettuce cultivation system. Certhon is also responsible for the construction of the central technical building of 6,000m2.

Watch here the progress of this project on our photo album.

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