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Certhon and WPS Horti Systems present new Multi-layer Growing concept
Certhon and WPS Horti Systems combined forces for the development of Multi-layer Growing Systems. An interesting new step in this concept is presented during the Hortifair in Amsterdam from 30th of October until the 2nd of November. At booth 11.0405 they will present a climate cell container that symbolizes the possibilities of Multi-layer Growing.
Growing plants in a multi-level growing cell is a very actual and promising development to grow plants uniform, fast and with a high space utilization. The most efficient set-up to use this technology depends on the crop and layout per situation. In order to facilitate the user in making the right choices, Certhon and WPS Horti Systems developed the Climate Cell Container.
With this set-up the user can experiments to optimize the growing process and quality of the plant. The obtained knowledge can be used to determine the best growing conditions and growing cell layout for the specified crop.
To demonstrate the working of Multi-layer Growing Cell, Certhon and WPS Horti Systems present a Climate Cell Container during the HortiFair. The container can be placed everywhere as long there are electricity- and waterfacilities. stroom en water. With the Climate Cell Container all for the growth relevant factors can be influenced such as temperature, humidity, Co2, watering and LED lighting. The user can set these parameters by himself and monitor what the effect is on his product. Naturally Certhon and WPS Horti Systems advice and facilitate during these experiments. The outcome will be the fundament for the final technical design of the Multi-layer Grow System and the corresponding business case .
Certhon and WPS Horti Systems work together in the development of Multilayer Growing Cells. WPS Horti Systems as expert in logistic and system integration and Certhon as climate- and lighting specialist for Horticulture. In 2011 Certhon already introduced the first operational Multi-layer Grow System for production at Deliscious in Beesel.

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