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Certhon is the new corporate name for Wilk van der Sande and Bosch Inveka

As from 1 November 2011, the Dutch greenhouse contractor group Wilk van der Sande and Bosch Inveka will grow further under a new group name: Certhon. The necessity of this new name is a result of the strong international focus of the companies. By using one corporate name, both companies emphasize and reinforce their successful performance in the international horticultural industry. For many years, Wilk van der Sande and Bosch Inveka have worked together as sister companies, located at ABC Westland, Poeldijk, and employing 100 people.

Wilk van der Sande is an internationally recognized design and installation company for heating, cooling, electro-technical and irrigation systems. Bosch Inveka is a greenhouse construction company that is specialized in Venlo greenhouses, wide-span greenhouses and foil greenhouses. The companies have a long and rich history that dates back to 1896. For many years, Wilk van der Sande and Bosch Inveka have successfully worked together, especially in the field of turnkey projects in the international horticultural industry. In order to improve their international recognition, they have now decided to continue under a new group name. "The export market is responsible for a significant share of our turnover”, CEO Hein van der Sande explains. “Our overseas customers do not always understand the relationship between Wilk van der Sande and Bosch Inveka. Moreover, the names are not always easy to pronounce for non-Dutch speakers. Because of the fact that we are sister companies anyway, we decided to introduce a new corporate name”.
The company is globally active; from the Netherlands to Kenya, from Russia to South Africa. By integrating the greenhouse construction and the technical installations, Certhon is a perfect example of a true turnkey contractor. Large international projects in particular are realized on a turnkey basis. Certhon foresees continuation of up-scaling trends in the horticultural industry. The role of innovation is becoming more and more important and that is exactly the reason why Certhon continues to expand its research and development activities.
The new corporate name will be introduced on 1 November 2011. Apart from the new name, there are no further changes; both companies already worked as one organization.

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