152800m² - Tomato,cucumber,pepper,anthurium

Dube Tradeport, South Africa

Total development and realization of a 16 hectare turnkey project existing of 6 greenhouses divided in 3 blocks of 8 hectare, 4 hectare and 4 hectare. Special about this project is that it is part of a larger overall project: Dube Tradeport. This project includes a new International Airport, a Trade zone, a Support zone and an Agri zone. The complete project will be developed and executed in cooperation with the local Government. The greenhouses are intended for local growers. A large part of the work will be sub contracted to local and regional companies and focussed on training and development of certain, by Government designated groups. This is one of many outcomes of the policy of Mr. Nelson Mandela.

We realized 6 Venlo type greenhouses, including greenhouse heating, a CO2 dosing system, 3 separate boiler houses each with its own heat storage, the complete electro installation and the complete irrigation system. All the above mentioned items are regulated and controlled by a Priva climate computer supplied by us.
The project is realized on a turnkey basis by Certhon. We were among others responsible for labor, legislation and regulations, import of goods, education and training of local staff. All in accordance with South African Standards.
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