11000m² - Testcentre

Improvement Center, The Netherlands

Certhon has realized a 11.000 m² greenhouse in which tests and experiments are carried out. This project has been delivered turnkey by Certhon. Optimal planning and supervision of the construction have resulted in a high quality greenhouse.

We have built a greenhouse consisting of 13 sections. We took care of the ground work, concrete paths and floors, interior construction, car park and cold store.
We installed a heat pump system by means of underground heat and cold storage. The shortage of required heat is supplied by the adjacent company. The climate control system and the water system are managed by a Priva computer, including the regulation motors and the lighting systems. We also installed the water technology. Water is stored in tanks with airop tarpaulins. Fertilizers are also stored in tanks. The centre uses a Nutronic dosing unit and HP-UV disinfection unit. We also provided crop gutters and a drip irrigation system.
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